A Definition of Bushcrafting


Bushcraft is the application of knowledge and skill sets so that the person can acquire adequate supplies pertaining to their survival in a rural setting. These supplies /equipment are derived from various natural resources present in the rural setting and include rocks, trees, plants, animals and so forth. This may also include acquisition of water and purification of same, creating a fire / heat source, construction of appropriate shelters and tools to make survival / life in the rural setting possible.

An essential component of bushcrafting deal with the usage of skills and knowledge for the purpose of food acquisition. This may include foraging, fishing, hunting and harvesting. Foraging involves understanding what is and is not safe to consume as well as an adequate knowledge of the local plant species. Hunting may involve being able to create primitive weapons and proper usage of same to kill whatever livestock may be found in the rural setting.

A person requires adequate will power and the proper application of bushcrafting to survive but bushcrafting is not only applied for survival but also used in typically less stressful situations such as hiking, camping, and foraging. Survival is the continuance of life during and after a crisis or disaster. It can be physical, mental, emotional and spiritual or a combination there of.

Survival depends on bushcrafting, bushcrafting does not depend on survival.